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best buy webroot install

best buy webroot install

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Best buy webroot install - step by step  

best buy webroot install - Here i am going to give you the most simple steps to install webroot in your computer. If you purchased webroot from best buy then these given below steps will help you to install best buy webroot.

  • first of all open a browser in your computer.
  • Open website "www.webroot.com/safe" in your computer.
  • Webroot installer file will automatically download to your computer. This webroot installer file is common for best buy webroot install as well as if you have the webroot from elsewhere.
  • If webroot installer file is not downloading automatically , have a look on the bottom side of your browser may be you have some options pops up like run , save or cancel option , here you need to run.
  • If your webroot installer is done with the download just run it in order to install your program.
  • When you will run the program it will show you a prompt in your computer , follow the positive option like "yes" or "continue".
  • Now it will ask for a key code which you have on the back of your best buy webroot card.
  • Just put this key code and click agree and install.
  • In the very next step it will ask your email just put your email and follow the next positive option on this screen.
  • Finally your webroot is doing its first scan on your computer.

Related frequently asked questions - best buy webroot install article

  • What is a webroot key code ?
    webroot keycode is unique character string. A webroot key code have 20 different alphabet and numbers.
    •  where i will find my webroot key code ?
    • Webroot key code is written on the back of your best buy webroot retail card. You need to peel it off gently.
  • What is webroot installer file ?
A webroot installer file is .exe (executable) file which is the main installation file by downloading and running this file webroot secureanywhere installation initiates. Afterwards it asks for your key code.

best buy webroot install

 Best buy webroot install related issued and 24/7 support -

  1. Program is not downloading anyhow.

  2.  Any old version of webroot or any other antivirus is there in the computer and creating a problem.
  3. Computer installer not working.
  4. Computer is working slow and freeze during the best buy webroot install.
  5. Any other software related problem.
In case of all these problem you may contact us we are 24/7 online and happy to help you. In case of any other computer problem other than the best buy webroot install you can contact our special windows based technicians who will help you out in any kind of software , driver , printer , computer related problems. Feel free to contact us. 

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