Saturday, 25 May 2019

install mcafee with activation code

install mcafee with activation code

to install mcafee with activation , primary requirement is a product key or activation code. Procedure is simple create a mcafee account and activate your product key inside the account. download and install the program. Here i am going to tell you in detail how install mcafee with activation in all ways possible.

How to install mcafee with activation code  - 1st and general way

this way is actually mentioned on your mcafee retail card. In this way you need to follow given below steps..
  • Open a browser in your computer.
  • Reach page. Put the product key in.
  • Now login to Mcafee account if you already have one or create a mcafee account at this point of time.
  • You will get your product now in mcafee my account download section.
  • Finally download and install the product.

Second way to install mcafee with activation code  

Here just create a mcafee account instead of going anywhere else. If you already have an account log in to your account and inside account redeem your product key.

Install mcafee with activation code if you already had a mcafee before

if you purchased a mcafee is similar version to your prior install of mcafee in the same computer then you just need to open your expired one. Inside the application user interface you will find about your subscription validity and product there you just need to change your product key with your new one.

now in case if you are facing any kind of problem during your mcafee install you can directly call support to get it done.

Problems which may arise during a mcafee install with activation code   

  • unable to continue install - error 0
  • Conflicting McAfee product(s) found.
  • Administrator rights required.
  • Invalid Package.
  • Removal failed.
  • Installer failed to launch.
  • Restart required.Error code: 16015
  • Restart required.Error code: 16016
  • Restart pending.Error code: 16017
  • Incompatible software removal failed.
  • Installation failed. Error code: 16019
  • Installation canceled.Error code: 16020
  • Migration failed.Error code: 16025
  • Your system is not protected. Your previous security software was uninstalled, but the installer was interrupted before McAfee Endpoint Security was installed. Call McAfee support for assistance as soon as possible.Error code: 16029, 16030, 16031
  • Your system is not fully protected. The installer could not install [product name]. Call McAfee support for assistance.Error code: 16032
  • Policy import failed.Error code: 17001
  • Installation failed and then rollback failed.Error code: 17002
  • Installation canceled and then rollback failed.Error code: 17003
  • Another installation wizard is already running.Error code: 1618
  • Endpoint Security Platform is not running!
    The system tray icon also is gray with a red exclamation point.
    An unknown third-party injection into McAfee code might have been detected.
    these are the problems which may arise during the mcafee installation. In case of any such problem you may contact antivirus activation page @ toll free 1-833-274-7842.